Comepay – make a deposit

What is Comepay?


Comepay is a payment transfer system maintained by the Russian Finars bank. A Comepay wallet allows users to pay their bills online and perform and wide range of financial transactions.


In Russia, Compay is known is one of the fastest and most secure electronic payment systems. One if its key advantages is the fact that Comepay has user-friendly terminals installed in most big stores and malls, making payments even easier. Apart from terminals, most banks can process Comepay transactions. Isn’t this great?


What can you do with Comepay?


With Comepay you can not only make a top-up or withdrawal, but also pay for:


  • Goods
  • Cell phone
  • Internet
  • TV
  • Utility bills
  • Plane and train tickets
  • Gaming and betting
  • Road police fines
  • Hotel bookings
  • Tours and travel services
  • Charity and donations
  • Mortgage and loans and much else.


Moreover, you can withdraw money from your wallet to a bank card or send money using money transfer systems.




Apart from the benefits listed above, the service has an attractive, easy-to-use interface, which includes a highly useful option to verify a payment’s status. This allows you to control the current stage of your transfer using just the number of the terminal used to send the money, receipt number, and payment date. Nothing could be easier!


Registering in Comepay


Like any other similar system, Comepay requires registration – however, the process has been fully streamlined. You only need to enter your phone number and receive a code in a text message. During registration, you’ll also need to read the public agreement document and check a box to show confirming you’ve read it. That’s it! You’ll be able to use your phone number as login.


Comepay payments - features


One potential inconvenience of Comepay is account status change. If an account remains inactive for over 90 days, a fee of 10 rubles a day will be automatically charge. However, don’t panic: if you are not planning to use your account for some time, simply write a request to the tech support, and they will freeze your account for any period not exceeding 180 days.


Topping up your Comepay account


The main page features a Top Up tab; upon clicking on it, you’ll have access to three modes of topping up:

  • Bank card – MasterCard, VISA, or Maestro
  • Cash – using various payment terminals (Svyaznoi, Evroset, Beeline, Magnit)
  • Cell phone account (your cell operator may charge an additional fee).


Withdrawing money from Comepay


Several withdrawal options are available:


  • Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro
  • Money transfer systems: CONTACT, Unistream, Anelic
  • Bank transfer
  • Electronic money: Yandex Money, Qiwi Wallet, WebMoney, RBK Money.




Similar to most such services, Comepay has a limit to individual money transfer size (15 thousand rubles at a time), the total sum of payments in a month (40 thousand rubles), and maximum account balance (15 thousand rubles).


In conclusion, it’s worth noting that Comepay transfers are instant and can be sent from any device. As you can see, the company has both advantages and light flaws that one can easily get used to. We recommend our users to top up their gaming account using Comepay. Topping up is quick and easy – make a deposit and start playing!