The casino provides its services solely for entertainment purposes.


The casino provides its services on an "as is" basis. Thus, the Casino is not responsible for any discrepancies in Player’s purposes and / or views on the way such service must be provided.


The casino is not responsible for possible computer issues or issues with any other player's device, as well as for poor communication services and other service interruptions that may arise on the player’s side.


The casino is obligated to monitor and fix issues on a casino’s side as soon as possible, however, it does not guarantee the complete absence of such issues at the moment, when the player decides to use the services of the Casino.


The casino reserves the right to conduct maintenance works with the hardware and software, these works may temporary affect the quality of provided services. Thus, the casino is not responsible for such outages or service interruptions.


In case any force majeure events are in place, such as: equipment failures, accidents, DDOS attacks, hardware and/or software malfunction, third parties (game providers, server operators outages, whatsoever ) the Casino reserves the right to suspend work with the cancellation of all current Player’s bets, until the quality of the service would be reassured and restored.


The Casino is not liable for any losses, damages, expenses whatsoever, direct or indirect losses or/and damages, as well as incidental, or any other arising from the use of the Casino Services by the Player/s or from participation in the Games.


By participating in games or using WIN RATE sites, you agree to have no claim to the Casino employees, service providers, licensers and any other individuals and entities related to the provision of WIN RATE Casino's services. Thus, you declare to be free from any claims for costs, or losses associated with you, using the Sites and services of WIN RATE Casino.