Dogecoin – make a deposit

In the crypto world, professional miners do not take Dogecoin seriously, however, it exists and helps to newbies and besides this, it grows despite all prognosis.

With the doge money, many charity organizations raised their hopes to restart their activity with higher potential.


The company of “kids money”


In 2013, the dog-named Kobasu, became popular on the internet and its thinking muzzle became famous on the internet, turning its dog to a world non-mem-Doge. The Japanese teacher published his dog on the internet back in 2010. Taking this as a talisman, and considering fact that that dog’s muzzle is already very popular, a programmer Billy Marcus from Portland, USA and Jackson Palmer – the manager in Adobe corp., created a new cryptocurrency.


On December 6, 2013, the Dogecoin presented and the litecoin became a base for its creation. The creators did their best to create a product that will be available for the entire planet. Bitcoin was too expensive already and was not available to a wide society. Having a picture, of a nice smiling dog, it attracted a number of people, and thus it was nicknamed as Kids Money.


Dogecoin activity


The main Dogecoin advantage is the fast block generation, it is 2.5 times faster than the litecoin shows and 10 times faster than a bitcoin. Dogecoin has the self-regulating algorithm that helps to maintain the rate in brackets and serves as a protection from the external interactions. However, the first years it was vulnerable, and the cryptocurrency had one hacking incident. The material losses following hack were just 12000 USD, and it was finally regulated by the owners of the network. After that, official Mass Media announced that new cryptocurrencies often become the target for hackers.


The hack had a significant negative impact on the exchange rate of Dogecoin, but soon the management regulated it. The initial plan was to issue 100 billion of the coins, within the first year of its existence, the Dogecoin amount issued in turnover reached 98 billion. The owners soon modified their initial plan and removed the higher limit in the issuance of the bitcoins. So the Dogecoin still generated by the issuing organization.


In 2015 the Jackson Palmer left the company, that created rumors that the Dogecoin is doomed to oblivion. However, the team managed to attract famous “moolah” and “mohland”, and Dogecoin found its new forms and went even higher. The cryptocurrency now seems to be very successful and works for many charities as the main asset.


Main Dogecoin features


Dogecoin cryptocurrency refers to inflation and is more involved in charity events. Its main features are:


There is no need for a serious investment;

Dogecoin is ideal beginners in mining, helps to gain experience;

Transactions are inexpensive and run very quickly;

The crypto created as a “joke” does not lose its position from the moment of its formation;

enters the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the capitalization market;

Dogecoin crypto coin is decentralized and anonymous;

There is no scaling issue, which exists with other currencies;

There are effective ways to get Doge money free.

In the eastern world, Dogecoin is very popular. That makes its growth predictable and stable. However, different so-called experts are less optimistic when they asked about the Dogecoin. Taking in consideration its history and the current market situation there is no need to worry about its future. Being available to wide broad of miners, the cryptocurrency continues its path in development.


Now our esteem players are able to deposit and withdraw with this cryptocurrency. All you need is to start playing!