Responsible Gaming

We in Win Rate Holding understand how to bring our customers joy and fun directly through our games. We have fair games that serve best interests of our customers, gamers, gambling lovers.

We understand that gambling has a potential to become a problem when played irresponsibly. Gambling aimed to bring fun and joy and be safe for family savings, daily spending, and rent and mortgage fees, need to avoid family disturbance.

By understanding this, we support RESPONSIBLE GAMING rules that recognized industry-wide to be efficient and fight appearances of too much gambling.


If your hobby is gambling, we kindly ask you to follow the self-control guideline listed below:


  • Gambling is a fun, it’s not the way how you may earn money for daily spending. Do not substitute win and earn, winnings are causal, they occur, but it’s the matter of luck thus not guaranteed.
  • Take your time when playing but be careful and remember it’s a fun time. If you have issues managing time for joy, set limits and follow them.
  • Set limits for gambling spending; do not come over the established limits.
  • Don’t substitute family time with gambling. This may create unhappiness and family issues.
  • Don’t play when there is a lack of funds for basics need. Gambling is not a reliable way to win fast and secure your funds.
  • Don’t borrow money to gamble. Don’t play on utility bills money, rent money, credits etc...
  • Do not conceal your gambling hobby from your family

If you feel that your gambling goes out of control, good idea would be to seek professional help. Take a test to understand what gambling means to you.

Once it is out of control, and you are prone to lose all your money you need to seek a help of professional psychologies. We are always here to help you with the recommendations on how to hold your gambling activity under control.


Underage gambling


We are strict here, and once caught underage account would be closed and frozen until the legal age (in most countries its 18 years old). If caught again, money on both accounts inevitably confiscated for multiple terms and conditions violation and account closed.

Please have a look at the special application that helps parents control their kid’s internet activity. The most known are Net Nanny, CyberSitter, Gam block.

Win Rate Holding strongly recommends to its valued customers to keep their login credentials safe from hackers and underage kids, this simple measure would prevent your kids from unconsented gambling on your behalf.


Transactions Limits


If self-control doesn’t work for you, and your gambling spending exceeds the self-imposed limits, we strongly recommend to set-up limits within our system in the Responsible Gaming section, these limits act are set for the deposits in our platform. Every customer has the option to set limits with us; the limits are applicable to the deposits and withdrawals.

Besides this, the limits combinations are also available.


To set up personal limits within our system, please proceed to My Profile Section. If you face any difficulties with the self-imposed limits, you are welcomed to contact our Customer Support Team.




If you feel, gambling went too deep in your life, it brings you unhappiness, financial difficulties and makes you feel sick and dizzy, may be a time to self-exclude has come.

In order to get access to Self-Exclusion options, you need to proceed in “My Profile” section and choose an appropriate self-exclusion option from those proposed there.

- Temporary Self-Exclusion – allowed up to 30 days

- Permanent Self-Exclusion – allowed only forever, with no option to restore account back. Consider this twice, if you intend to change your mind in the future. No excuses accepted after the permanent self-exclusion option confirmed.

If the customer is self-excluded (temporary or permanently) Win Rate Holding will cease such customer from its gambling newsletters, campaign and other ad materials, aiming to prevent this customer from coming back to play, to assure calming period.


We have plenty of tools to assure self-excluded persons not seduced by our campaigns.


Please seek help with our Customer Support Team if you feel your gambling goes out of your control, our Customer Support team are able to advise you on gambling addiction and measures to control it.