Qiwi – make a deposit

QIWI is a well-known Russian virtual payment provider. The service has been launched over 10 years ago and allows individuals and entrepreneurs in Russia and abroad to make fast and easy money transfers and pay for goods and servces.


QIWI – the story


Qiwi formed back in 2007, when first terminals were offered and the first version of the User Area became available on the website (later succeeded by the QIWI Wallet). A year later, the company introduced 24/7 customer support.


Since 2009, the company has been expanding its network of partnership in digital business and banking, achieving mergers with the United Instant Payment System, e-port, and CONTACT.


In late 2012, QIWI signed a key global partnership agreement with Visa, which allowed the company to start issuing its own plastic cards.


2017 marks the start of an active collaboration between QIWI and the famous Russian bank “Otrkytiye”. Presently Qiwi owns the brand and software of “RocketBank” and “Tochka”, and in June 2018 it formed a new company called “Tochka”, aimed at providing financial services to Russian entrepreneurs.


Andrey Romanenko – the QIWI founder, (left the company now); the present CEO and largest shareholder is Sergey Solonin.


QIWI – main services


QIWI wallets can be used to pay for:


  • Cell phone
  • Internet and satellite TV
  • Utility bills
  • Fines and loans
  • Charity and donations
  • Goods in online stores, plain and train tickets.


Recently the company has introduced a service to send money transfers with Unistream, as well as co-branded Visa cards, which are accepted by almost all brick-and-mortar and online stores. At the same time, the partnership with Otrkytiye has helped QIWI to access the market of financial solutions for business.


QIWI – special features


The service offers both online and offline tools for smartphones and personal computers, including Android and iOS apps.


The system is very easy to use: the registration on the website or through a terminal just requires a cell phone, and the wallet number is the same as the phone number. QIWI clients can top up their own or someone else’s wallet using cash or a debit card.


Another advantage of the service is the no-fee policy on withdrawals.


Nowadays QIWI is one of the most popular electronic payment services in Russia and the CIS. As of July 2018, over 20.3 million wallets registered in the system, with more than 149 thousand terminals and payment points installed. Over 47 mln clients use the service on a regular basis, and the monthly internal turnover exceeds 79 billion rubles.


Apart from Russia, QIWI is present in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova, as well as outside of the CIS in Romania, Brazil, Jordan, and the U.S. In 15 more countries, QIWI operates a franchise network.