Visa – make a deposit

History of the Visa company


Visa is a modern payment system used in almost all countries of the world. Wherever you go, if you don’t have cash, you can use the money safely stored on your bank card.


Visa brings all your money assets together in one small plastic card. Need to pay for a hotel, transfer, or guiding services? Your card is the best way to do it!


So how was Visa created?


A little-known fact: VISA – an international payment company whose cards are accepted almost anywhere – is an abbreviation. It stands for Visa International Service Association, and the structure presently consists of two companies (earlier used to be four): Visa Inc., based in Foster, U.S., which processes main card transactions, and Visa Europe Services Inc., mostly working with European banks.


Visa – scale of operations


As noted above, the company provides payment solutions and focuses on making the use of its cards as convenient as possible. Visa card holders don’t need to store their money in other bank accounts, and getting a card is a quick and easy process. You can apply for a card in any bank office in your town or city and instantly transfer money to its account.


Visa is the global leader by turnover (circa $4.8 trillion a year), cards are accepted in over 200 countries. Sometimes people ask, “How does one pay with a card instead of cash, and what is the difference between Visa and Mastercard?”


You can pay with Visa in any store or venue that has a card terminal; further, you can withdraw cash from your card in almost any ATM, since ATMs are ubiquitous now, getting cash won’t be a problem!


Of course, everyone knows the name of another large player in the payment market – MasterCard. The main difference between them is that Visa works with dollars, while MasterCard works with both euros and USD. Visa has been and remains the market leader in most countries, including Russia, where it’s been inscribed on Bank of Russia’s list of payment systems in 2012. The main Visa operator in Russian is VTB Bank.


Visa brand special features


Starting in 1980, Visa has offered its clients a premium range of cards; introduced newest ATMs across the world; developed new smart payment cards. So, what can you do with your Visa card? You pay your cell phone and utility bills and order goods online from the comfort of your home, for example – and these are just a few among the many features and benefits that Visa offers compared to keeping money in cash or in a bank deposit. You can withdraw your cash whenever you want!


If you are after the most reliable system, then apply for a Visa card in the nearest bank office in your city – you’ll see that online shopping and topping up your account in the Win Rate online casino will become much easier! Remember: there isn’t a more affordable a safe way to store your money than a Visa card.