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Vivo Gaming history


Vivo gaming casino provider, is an Israel team with the years of experience, they both touch online and offline gambling business. For the 8 years of the productive work, company has managed to adapt to the desires and demands of the slots players all over the world.


By studying the particularities of the business, developers are ready to offer individual slots Vivo Gaming as well as a development plan for both for newbies of the market and experienced sharks of the gambling business. These are not only simple slots, but complex services, from the gaming hall equipment to the fusion of the different existing slot machines.


Vivo Gaming activity


Slots from Vivo gaming are cross-platform and cross-browser, any of them may be played on PC, Android, iOS, also on offline terminals – this is quiet an offer from Vivo Gaming.

Main Casino Vivo Gaming activity directed to fulfill the needs of live-casinos. Nowadays the trend of lowering the popularity of machine games became obvious, so developers do their best to increase the interest to traditional games and terminals. Company specialists are good in what they are doing, and they know the peculiarities of the business, this allows them to bring to the live casino even more excitement.


Vivo Gaming Features


Back office is a great manageable solution developed and supported by the Vivo Gaming. Play free games Vivo Gaming and enjoy slots Vivo Gaming. Vivo Gaming Back office allows integrating the successful management scheme; also, unlimited agents connected to manage the settings.  This is possible thanks to a multi-hierarchical organization.


Vivo Gaming has the following options


  • 24/7 support
  • Risk minimization
  • Different payment solutions
  • Accounting accuracy
  • Great bonuses and promo
  • Class management


Vivo Gaming also offers white label turn-key offer, these include not only ready turn-key casino, but also reliable management tools, modern business solutions and flexible platform. This offer includes site development, casino branding, payment solution connection, and market localization. The system includes partnership programs management and players management backend.

For those companies working on different platforms but interested in Vivo Gaming slots in their casinos, an integration option is available. This service done by the API and allows smoothly platform integration.


Vivo Gaming Peculiarities


Vivo Gaming offers the most popular live games, such as Poker, roulette, sick bo, tiger, blackjack, baccarat, dice, dragon and others. All slots from casino Vivo Gaming, as well as other games support cross-browser and cross platform compatibility. This means any modern PC, mobile phone or terminal is capable of running Vivo Gaming products.


Vivo Gaming slots and games differ by the following:


  • Multifunctional interface
  • Multi-currency support
  • Most of the applications are online
  • Chat to talk to dealers and opponents
  • Offline and online offers


Mobile market is a modern trading place, both online and offline games offered to the customers.


Mobile games features:


  • HTML 5 support
  • Any game may be fused
  • RNG in mobile application
  • White Label offer for online casinos


Despite their target to the live dealers, Vivo Gaming offers solutions for card games, slots, table games, skill online games and many other; in total it has more than 200 different casino games.

To summarize the above it is worth to mention that Vivo Gaming pays great attention to the safety of game process. This achieved by:


  • Modern safety protocols
  • All components control
  • Different online servers all over the world
  • High-quality programming code
  • Self-made certified RNG
  • Curacao License


Thus, slot Vivo Gaming are high quality graphs, great sound and animation, beside this multi-layer bonus offers. Play online life games from this provider with the Win Rate casino. We offer something special, dedicated just for you!