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Great Video-Slots and offline slot machine developer called Zeus Play works hard to admire its valued clientele. Zeus Play casino developers strive to follow all innovation in the industry and implement new technologies and designer solutions in their slot machines.


Zeus Play History


Zeus Play starts in an uncommon country for the online slot-machine developers, and even in a city that is lost in the mountains and never had any gambling industry before – these are Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad city.

Founder had more than 20 years’ experience in online gambling, so company was doomed to success. Started back in 2012 nowadays company has more than 50 slots in its portfolio.

The entire game list offered to all partners and by official information from Zeus Play site, Zeus Play represented within the list of more than a hundred casino partners.


Company products are versatile, thus not only standard slots Zeus Play, but also lotteries (6 games available so far), online casino games, offline casino games and mall free games Zeus Play solutions as well as paid games.

It is worth to mention that company has the potential to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, but usually exceeds this when it comes to a daily standard casino gameplay. Solid, attentive approach pays off the great place among the game developers to Zeus Play.


Zeus Play Activity


Zeus Play is dedicated to gamers, and thus games Zeus Play created with true inspiration. Zeus Play considers its main goal – customer satisfaction from the casino Zeus Play games appearance and gameplay overall. Brand is fully dedicated to the customers, before the new slot released company studies in details what created and thrive to achieve better results.

Such corporate approach brought Zeus Play to the top of video-slots providers.

Availability for the most complicated, challenging tasks allowed to the company to attract some impressive results when it comes to the casino partners list.


Zeus Play Features


Zeus Play offers to its clientele the great package solution, big quality slots pack in one integration. Worth to mention that package is so different in itself that significantly enriches any casino offer. In their package standard slots, horror slots, story games and strategies found. Most of the customers are very happy with the Zeus Play offer. Every slot has functions that adds the winning probability to the casino customers.


Summing up the above slots Zeus Play provider overview –Bulgarian slots developer took its place on the slot-provider market in a fast and confident manner. Clients enjoy playing Zeus Play slots, because these products fully meet their expectations. Slots Zeus Play equipped by the modern and attractive individual design.

High quality graphics solution and embedded great functionality – these are terms of the Zeus Play success. Despite of the game plot, Zeus Play specialists are very enthusiastic to embed best programming and graphic solutions, to make customer an eternal fan of the slots made by the team.


Zeus Play achieved significant results for the time of its activity; all reputable gaming media include Zeus Play in the 20-th top of the world providers. We daily work to integrate new gaming providers, and thus the Zeus Play time has come, so Win Rate now offers it. Play Zeus Play Games and win with Win Rate!